CONSULT to Kickstart Wellness Diet

CONSULT to Kickstart Wellness Diet
Nutritional & Basic Herbal Plan

Do you have a need to change your Diet or help reaching goals? Need information about regulating issues or gaining information for them, such as General malaise, Allergies, Histamine issues, or Food Sensitivities? If so, we at SnowDropHerbals can work with the history, labs and symptom information you provide during a 1 hour Consult, to suggest strategies, research and other information such as labs, food lists, and lifestyle alternatives that may assist you. This consult does NOT include MTHFR Genetic Enzyme or Variant reports analysis nor assistance. Please refer to the Complete plan for Diet Herbal AND genetics interpretation Plans. For ongoing Wellness and Goal setting sessions, we offer additional consultations. This is an overview consultation to see how we can assist you best.

ALL Plans purchased require consent forms to be signed and returned prior to consults being given. All consults and services are non refundable. By purchasing plans or services you agree to the SnowDropHerbals Terms and Use and Service outlined on our website . All services are final purchases and not refundable. Not a treatment protocol, nor medicinal in any manner. Client(s) use any information derived from consultations at own discretion.

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