Wellness General Initial Consultation

Wellness General Initial Consultation

Do you have a need to change your Diet, need help to Meet Goals, or have General Wellness issues you want assistance addressing? Do you want a Wellness Coach to help you reach Goals, learn about resources, or other guidance?

If so, we can work with you, during a 1 hour Consult, we offer suggestions and lists that may assist you reach goals and have the correct information to jump start Wellness! Meg has complete Nutrigenomic Training, is a Health Wellness Coach, as well has certifications in Nutrition, the Microbolome, as well is an MTHFR Practitioner. This consult can include Nutrition information, herbal suggestions, referrals to specific modalities, mindfulness, and assistance reaching these goals as well as lifestyle goals.

This consult does NOT include MTHFR Genetic Enzyme assistance, Variant Reports review, nor any reporting on Genetics SNP variants. Please refer to the Complete plan for Diet Herbal AND genetics interpretation Plans, or other Consultation on offer for other options available.

ALL Plans purchased require consent and payment forms to be signed and returned prior to consults being given. All consults and services are non refundable. By purchasing plans or services you agree to the SnowDropHerbals Terms and Use and Service outlined on our website SnowDropHerbals.com. No service is to be construed as medicinal or therapeutic in nature.

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