Full body FIR Far Infrared Therapy Healing Pad MAT w Jade & Tourmaline stones

Full body FIR Far Infrared Therapy Healing Pad MAT w Jade & Tourmaline stones

This is the second size of FIR therapy Mat or Pad with EMF block, heat penetrating therapy, and measures

This pad includes Negative Ion Therapy via Jade and Thermal heat InfraRed therapy modalities.


  • Net weight is about 18 lbs (8 kg)
  • Size 72″ x 40″ x 1.2″ (180cm x 60cm x 3cm)

Benefits seen, per research of this therapy include :

Blood Flow -

The increase in blood flow helps circulation and oxygenation of the tissues. FIR therapy is proven beneficial for pain. This type of heat helps the vascular flow; and because it stimulates the immune system, every chronic condition can benefit.

Detox -

Sometimes people are unable to exercise and react badly to Sauna due to electrolyte and mineral loss. The body runs more efficiently if it can detox properly. When the elimination channels are impaired, usually there is ill health. These mats give us the ability to detoxify by bringing up the body temperature. This helps to release environmental toxins including heavy metals.

The infrared penetrates deep into the body to bring relief. It assists in reducing inflammation and thus decrease joint pain. This benefits every cell including lymph glands and nerves deep in your body.

Supports Oxygen to cells

Supports Immune System

Supports Inflammation reduction by up to 40-60% based on research.

All sales are final, they mfg does not allow refunds or returns except for defective non heating equipment. In such a case, a replacement or refund will be given within 30 days of purchase as long as pad is returned in as sent condition.

Healing soothing heat for PN, aching, tendons muscles and fatigue, assists with Detox and Cell Membrane health, with Far Infrared Therapy and Negative Ions .

Great for those that have adrenal fatigue and high cortisol.

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