CONSULT Package ~ Genetic Reports Nutrition & Herbals Coaching

Apply and Gain Knowledge! Get 'Your Learn on!" This is all about YOUR tendencies, and gaining knowledge and making informed choices..... If your Goal is gaining as much information about your enzyme function(s) tendencies as you can, this is the plan you want.

Plan covers the Genetic Analysis, Custom Reports,
review during consultation, Suggestions Synopsis to assist you in
gaining knowledge about YOUR body. Invaluable standalone information for
you and your physician based on YOU. This is a more in depth, complex
consultation than any other we offer.

You get your Nutrition, and Vitamin as well as Pharma Reports, and Wellness enzyme reports. All in one. I review this with you to help you better understand the reports.

If, after the consultation, you want Coaching and additional assistance, Ongoing Wellness Consultations are offered, to guide you and give ongoing Wellness information. We offer hourly or half hour rates.

Some of the Enzyme function tendencies analyzed in this plan are:

*Includes custom reports, and CLIA reports. These may give you insight and tendencies information for the following :

Intestinal Biome, GI Inflammation

Pharmaco and Supplement tolerance lists *



Flora and Biota ( Mesentery, Immune and Microbiome ) tendencies

Liver, Kidney and Lymph

HLA Histamines Genes

DAO enzyme

G6PD tendencies

Hormones Estrogens Testosterone Progesterones *

Minerals and Electrolyte tendencies

such as Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper

As well as an Overview of basic Fitness Gene Analysis and

Vitamin Supplement details *

These reports take the exhaustive researching time and guesswork out of the equation

All compiled for you into a Top Level Overview of Wellness or Suggestion Synopsis outline, for those who want information as a knowledge base or, perhaps to discuss with a doctor, to implement this complex information...

You will receive in this package :

The Consultation

Colorful and informative 50+pages of reports with each area listed and broken down into sections for easy reference

5-12 pages of : Write-ups after review


Suggestions Synopsis for Wellness -The 'blueprint' of you.

As well as Top Levels Nutritional and Herbal suggestions overview*

*For targeted goal assistance, ongoing additional 1 hour General Wellness Consultations can be scheduled.

*Consent forms must be signed and payment received prior to any booking. Raw data files are needed. If none are available we offer DNA saliva Sample test kits to assist you.

*Non Refundable service - As per Terms of Use and Consent forms. All consent forms must be signed and returned along with payment prior to scheduling.

Consultations, write-ups, labs and plans are for informational, instructional and research purposes only. Genetic reports and suggestions are not purported to treat, diagnose, nor cure any disease or illness.

Use is applied at Clients sole discretion and these are not to be construed as treatment protocols.

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